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Digital Trust Certificates for Authorized Resellers

Made for Multichannel eCommerce

Marketplaces and copycat online shops are flooded with fake products. That´s why consumers want to be sure if they are buying original products.

Digital Trust Certificate - Made in Germany
Trust is the most important currency in eCommerce. Using our Trust Badge any visitor can instantly see that you are an Authorized Reseller.
Browser Extension - Coming Soon
We warn customers about dubious vendors, redirect the buyer to an authorized reseller and generate the sale of a verified product.
In Cooperation with the European Shoe Industry
We are working with the ECC trade association to verify real-time inventory from more than 3,500 footwear retailers. More industries to follow.
Works with any cart system and the most popular marketplaces
More Trust = More Sales

Introducing the New Trust Standard for eCommerce

FakeScouts provides an universal verification platform, which means that any brand from any industry can verify any merchant selling any product online.

Build trust in 3 Seconds or less

Interactive Trust Badge for Online Shops

Protect your seller reputation and easily integrate your interactive Digital Trust Badge in any cart system and showcase your AUTHORIZED RESELLER status with your verified brands.

It has never been easier to build trust with new potential customers.

Shop URL + Seller ID Verification
Individual Brand Authorizations
Live Date Validation
Interactive Redirect to Seller ID Page
Boost your Sales on ANY Marketplace

Multichannel Certificate for Marketplaces

Works on international marketplaces by uploading your Multichannel Certificate to the image gallery of all of your products. This certificate includes a QR-Code that links back to your verified Seller ID Page.

Of course, it works against fake suppliers but even better against 99% of your direct competitors that are not using a trust certificate to protect their reputation!

QR-Code Redirect to Seller ID Page
Invalid QR-Codes stop working!
Shop URL + Seller ID Verification
Individual Brand Authorizations
Say Goodbye to Mr. Incognito

Unique and verified Seller ID Pages

Clicking on the Trust Badge or scanning the QR-Code on your Multichannel Certificate redirects visitors to your verified and secure Seller ID Page that displays all your brand verification details and the important legal imprint of your company.

Nothing beats full transparency! No matter if Mr. Incognito is beating anyone on price. If the customer can chose between two identical products and you are an Authorized Reseller - the shady competitors just don´t stand a chance. The sale is going to you. Every time!

KYC + KYB Identity Verification
Full Legal Imprint
Live Date Validation
Shop URL + Seller ID Verification
Individual Brand Verification
Features build for online shops and international marketplaces.

We help you selling MORE!

Our mission is not only to fight fake products but at the same time to help you sell more with a verification as Authorized Reseller and a firewall for online shopping that redirects potential customers away from bad actors right into your connected online shop.

Investing in Trust will pay for itself

Start for Free & Pay as you go

Choose a plan with the options that best fit your needs as a merchant. We don´t lock you into any long-term contracts. Upgrade or downgrade anytime.

Forever Free

0*/ Forever

5 Brands
1.000 Page Views
Trust Certificate
For Multichannel

49/ Month

25 Brands
25.000 Page Views
Trust Certificate
Multichannel Certificate
Premium Support
For Connected Retail

99/ Month

100 Brands
100.000 Page Views
Trust Certificate
Multichannel Certificate
Premium Support
Connected Retail (Soon) **

* Start for Free and verify up to 5 Brands. Use is forever free or choose a paid plan to verify more.

** Additional individual sales commissions may occur per sale triggered through Connected Retail.

All prices are monthly in advance and excluding 19% MWST if applicable. No long term contracts. Upgrade or downgrade at any time. All subscriptions based on our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Data Protection Agreement.

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Please contact our sales team to discuss your individual requirements.
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Still got Questions?

Here are some answers for the most commonly asked questions from resellers.

We know that name can be confusing, but we have to find a common name for every kind of seller. That is why we define everyone that is selling original products of any brand as a reseller. It does not matter if that is the brand itself, or a wholesale distributor, a retail store owner, a merchant on Amazon, an eBay Powerseller or even an overstock trader.

The term “Authorized Reseller” refers to any merchant that has been verified by the brand itself to be an official partner of their exclusive distribution network. That means, Authorized Resellers are guaranteed to sell original products of this brand.

FakeScouts does not verify any merchants with any brands. We only provide the platform and the certificates. The merchant must ask the sales representative of each brand directly to verify the merchant through our platform. Usually the merchant will send an email through our platform and the sales rep needs to register a free account to verify up to 5 merchants for one brand.

NO! FakeScouts is not affiliated with any marketplace or operates any official partner integrations. You the merchant needs to control the product details and image gallery in your account and not violate the terms of the marketplace. Any marketplace terms could change any day without further notice which may leave our solution useless on this specific marketplace.

Just download your certificate QR-code image in your dashboard and upload it to each of your products image galleries on every given marketplace.

Yes, no problem! If you don´t manage your own online shop and only sell on marketplaces you can still use the Multichannel Certificate as a complete standalone feature! Installing the Trust Badge is optional and not required.

No! We build in a live verification process that checks if your account is still active whenever the QR-Code is scanned. The QR-Code will stop working as soon as you cancel your subscription and automatically redirects to an "Invalid Certification" notification page.

Yes, you can start for free with our limited Forever Free plan and test drive for as long as you want to. There is no time limit involved. You can upgrade whenever you see that you are getting positive results. 

You can access all the tax compliant invoices for all your subscription cycles in our self-service billing portal. You can find the link in the footer menu section. 

Yes, of course. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time in our self-service billing portal. You can find the link in the footer menu section. 

We have a “Pay as you Go” pricing philosophy. That means, you will always start with the Free plan and never pay more than what you need! When you exceed your plan limits, we ask you to  upgrade your plan to be able to use the next volume level.

With Connected Retail, we can connect our Browser Extension Firewall to your online shop. That way we can redirect new potential customers directly to your online shop and generate a sale. 

If your cart system supports the EDIFACT communication standard we can connect you through SPOCC. If not, then we can integrate your shops affiliate program. 

We charge an individual low % as sales commission for each sale that is generated through our direct referral. This depends on your connected affiliate program. Please contact our support team to clarify your individual options.