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Your personalized Firewall for Online Shopping
Using AI powered reputation analytics we redirect you away from bad actors to buy only from Authorized Resellers
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In Cooperation with the European Shoe Industry
We are working with the ECC trade association to verify real-time inventory from more than 3,500 footwear retailers. More industries to follow.

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Join the fight against fake products!

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The problem with fake products is getting worse every single day.

Consumers are losing trust in eCommerce sellers fast!

Reports claim that every 1 in 5 items sold online is a fake product. News outlets are writing about it every day. It´s about time to stop and listen.

Automatically protect yourself from buying fakes and any potential consequences

Your personalized Firewall for Online Shopping

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Counterfeit suppliers only advertise discounted prices but not the tragic costs

The harsh consequences of buying counterfeit products

80% of all consumer brands worldwide are affected by counterfeit products valued at 900 Billion USD in economic damage each year.

Toxic Materials
Counterfeit products are made of the cheapest kind of materials to maximize profits. Ingredients are known to be toxic and may cause cancer when exposed to your skin. Consumption can threaten your health or even poison your child.
Broken by Default
Heavily discounted prices are suspect for dropshipped replica. Broken trash with no option of a refund. Customer service and warranty are not available. As the importer, you might even be liable for compensation of financial damages to the original brand owner.
Financial Fraud
Sales are often triggered by unidentified sellers from unregulated countries. Mr. Incognito might even sell your financial details to third parties to be used in fraud schemes all over the world, damaging your hard-earned credit reputation.
Hacker Attacks
Your personal and financial details might be sold on the darknet to hackers that might use this information to SPAM your email accounts, attack your personal reputation, run blackmail schemes or even try to hack into your business systems.
Organized Crime
Counterfeit suppliers are known to act as money laundering storefronts for organized crime and drug syndicates that help finance terrorist organizations and warlords worldwide. With your purchase, you might involuntarily support human trafficking and slave labor.
Child Labor
Counterfeit suppliers are notorious for running night shifts and enforcing indentured child labor. People are underpaid, undernourished while forced to live in extreme poverty. Some even need to sleep in their workspace without even the most basic human rights.


Join the fight against fake products!

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